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Dry Carpet CleaningWe offer our private and business customers professional dry carpet cleaning in Dagenham. Dry carpet cleaning is the more advanced alternative to steam cleaning treatments. Being a relatively newer cleaning method, dry carpet cleaning can be considered more efficient as it reduces carpet drying time, and minimises contact between carpet fibres and the equipment used to perform the cleaning.

Our Dagenham dry carpet cleaning service is perfectly safe and suitable for all types of natural and synthetic carpets. Dry carpet cleaning excels where conventional cleaning treatments are rendered ineffective. The most common hygiene issues plaguing the carpet are staining and soiling, at the same time though grime and bacteria tend to accumulate deep between strands, near the base layer of the carpet. In this case, conventional cleaning will only get you so far as the results would be rather superficial. For a deep clean, that gives you lasting results you can actually see and feel, by all means use our dry carpet cleaning in Dagenham and enjoy better carpet hygiene and improved indoor air quality.

Our specialised dry cleaning methods will deal effectively with stubborn stains and heavy soiling – major issues in heavy traffic zones like hallways, staircases and front door areas. Dry carpet cleaning is the better option whichever way you look at it, as the process cleans throughout the depth of the carpet, without spreading stains further out, or driving dirt deeper down.

Our dry carpet cleaning service in Dagenham will also prolong the life of your carpets and keep them looking better for longer. The cleaning methods we apply are quite sparing and safe, as there no risk of mechanical damage due to the reduced physical contact between the carpet’s fibres and the equipment we use.

Our specially trained cleaning technicians will begin the cleaning process with thorough vacuuming of all carpeted areas. This will remove large bits and pieces of dirt and other loose particles which would otherwise affect cleaning results. Next, the cleaners will apply a specially formulated dry cleaning agent, using a special dispersion machine. In cases, where we need to deal with stale or stubborn stains, the cleaners might apply a spray-on cleaning solvent in order to pre-treat the stain for easier removal. Finally, all cleaning products, as well as the dirt and grime they have lifted off the carpet will be thoroughly vacuumed and removed completely using special purpose vacuum cleaners.

Dry Carpet CleaningAs mentioned earlier, one of the biggest advantages of dry carpet cleaning is the reduced drying time. Generally, your carpets should be dry enough to walk on within an hour of completing the cleaning process. However, exact drying time will depend on ambient temperature and relative humidity inside the property.

In order to keep your carpets looking better for longer, and reduce cleaning time, we recommend having them cleaned professionally every six months. Fixed schedule professional cleaning will also improve interior hygiene and indoor air quality.

The dry carpet cleaning is available for booking seven days a week, under convenient hours which don’t get in your way.