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Mattress CleaningA clean mattress is essential for proper bedroom hygiene. When new, the mattress is fresh and free of any dirt, dust, germs, bacteria, pollen and allergens. In time however, with everyday use the mattress begins to accumulate great deals of these. This might not seem like much of a problem but deterioration of bedroom hygiene and indoor air quality will soon follow.

What are the cleaning issues with mattresses? First of all, the average bedroom doesn’t see much sunlight, plus many people keep their bedroom poorly aerated. These, along with the warm, darkish and humid environment inside the bedroom are the ideal breeding ground for many germs and bacteria. Furthermore, most mattresses are made of a number of layers – the real hygiene problems are below the top layer – where conventional cleaning is simply rendered useless.

Our specialised mattress cleaning in Dagenham is a technical cleaning service designed to clean deep inside the mattress thus yielding better results and giving longer lasting hygiene. In order to clean effectively and penetrate below the top layer, we use professional grade steam cleaning equipment. This is good news for our customers and their loved ones as this method uses only the natural cleaning power of steam – no application of chemicals. As expected, steam cleaning is also highly effective in lifting and removal of stubborn stains – something quite common for the average mattress. If the stain we are dealing with is stale or very stubborn, the technicians might apply only a small amount of nontoxic solvent in order to pre-treat the affected area.

Our Dagenham mattress cleaning service is perfectly safe and suitable for all types and size mattresses. The cleaning process covers all sides of the mattress, including top and bottom of course. There will be no risk of damage or alteration to the mattress’ appearance or comfort properties. The cleaning technicians will be extra careful throughout the service and yield the best possible results without risk of errors.

Mattress CleaningThe mattress cleaning in Dagenham is a convenient and versatile solution that saves you a decent amount of time and lots of unnecessary hassles. The entire cleaning process takes place on site, in the comfort of your own home – there will be no need to take the mattresses elsewhere, or wait around to have them delivered back. The cleaning techs will arrive fully equipped and ready to work. The cleaning will be completed within the shortest time possible, without cutting corners or fussing about.

Cost wise, our professional mattress cleaning in Dagenham is the sensible and affordable solution you need. The service will cost you a reasonable amount of money, and will deliver the necessary level of results. In our book this translates to genuine value for money.

If you want to keep your mattresses looking better and feeling fresher for longer, our advice as a specialised cleaning company, is to have them cleaned professionally at least twice a year. The cost of an untimely mattress purchase will surely outweigh the cost of our professional cleaning treatments – be smart and make the right decision.